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Marketing and Advertising media landscape and changed. Big data driven marketing is now common place. Mobile devices now account for about 50% of web-based searches and traditional paper-based media is declining.

Entendre can help you with:
• Marketing strategy and media plans
• Integrated campaign development
• Engaging advertising and marketing materials
• MVT digital and data driven strategy

Marketing programs can be more data driven and more measurable. The degree of waste has also been reduced via programmatic, social and remarketing campaign.

Regardless of the delivery channel. Marketing still needs to cut through. It needs to speak to and resinate with an audience. It should solve a problem or fulfil wants and needs for potential customers.

Entendre can unpick any brief and filter insights to find a single thought or truth. We can assess the campaign or marketing objectives and craft engaging positioning statement and eye-catching creative.

Entendre is adept at developing integrated digital and multi-channel campaigns. We also develop remarketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Advertising campaigns and assist with media buying strategy.

Entendre can help you promote a new product, service, events, a sale, your profile or your brand.