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Results are everything. Right?

Marketing your business wisely can help you achieve results and efficiencies. How do you know it’s working? Results? First thing we do is take a comprehensive look at your business, your products and services, your competitors and the market you operate in and any external influences to your business. Next we look at your business’s existing marketing activity and its performance. At Entendre we like to dive deep into the challenge at hand. How else can you make an informed decision on the best plan of attack and what activity will best help you achieve results? No business is the same and we want your marketing strategy to have a competitive edge.

Our brand is the best kept secret in this sector. Should it be?

It depends on the business and the business model, but many businesses don’t have a public face or significant marketing overheads. How? Reputation and word of mouth? The reality is whether you call it customer relations or PR, it is marketing your business’ brand. Entendre can help you define a point of strength and differentiation in the market and guide your organisation’s activities to enhance your brand.

Focusing on quality.

If you’re going to do it (and you’re spending the money) you should do it right. We spend time polishing brands and marketing strategies to improve customer engagement and awareness. A well-oiled machine runs better and costs you less in the long run. Simple improvements to the consistency and quality of your business marketing collateral, key messages and brand can save you money and can improve customers’ perceptions.