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SEO done the right way.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a must for any business with an online presence. The challenging thing for most businesses is achieving and maintain a good Google Search ranking.

Achieving a good search ranking in the first instance is harder than you might think. Google changes the ranking algorithm on a regular basis. This makes it impossible to “set and forget” your website.

Google uses a number of factors to determine the rank for your site. It ultimately gets down to contextual relevance to the category, subject matter, metadata, the quality of the content and some specific structural requirements.

Google compares your presence (online and social media) and standing with in the industry and competitors.

The content used to describe your business service or product is compared to those sharing the same keyword focus.

SEO is as much about a good content strategy as it is about the mechanics of Search Engine Optimisation. That’s why it’s important to review your businesses positioning, content, competitors and keyword data.

Entendre can review your business positioning, audit your website, analyse your competitors, keywords, analytics data and assess whether the existing content is appropriate. We can identify gaps in your competitors content and suggest new content strategies to enhance relevance as a subject matter expert.

Some companies will promise you higher rankings or traffic, but it doesn’t always provide your business with genuinely qualified leads.

Contact Entendre and ask us for a SEO assessment.