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Websites are an essential part of business, introducing your business to the market, delivering services and product, providing a sales channel and means to engage with your business.

No two businesses are identical. It’s the DNA of business that defines a website. That relates to what content says, the site structure and functionality.

To do any website justice, we start at the very beginning. Aside from the mandatories, we ask:
Why do you need a website?
It’s simple question but reveals a lot about your businesses online focus. We’ll compare that to your current business and try to understand your brand drivers.

What you need your customers need?
Again, it sounds obvious. Above and beyond need, there is also range a of things that customers want. We can help you identify those opportunity using competitor reviews, data analytics and insights.

We’ll ask you about your future plans for the business, and how your website may help you achieve those goals.

It’s all just a fact find. It helps us recommend the best website structure and functionality for your website. It informs the content strategy and SEO.

When you engage Entendre you get a well, considered website that addresses your goals for your business, rank, profile, leads or sales.