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Entendre is focused on reducing waste and improving performance of marketing and brands. We have been successful in building brand engagement; driving efficiencies in marketing spend and we are focused on innovation, creativity and improving quality standards of brands.

Results and efficiencies

We understand the fiscal pressures facing businesses. We focus on reducing waste and improving performance of marketing and brand.

Creativity and cut-through

If your campaigns don’t have a creative edge or uniqueness, they’re probably being overlooked. We create memorable brands and campaigns.

Understanding and insight

We believe the best way to achieve results is to tap into the hearts and minds of your audience is through understanding. We get to know your business, customers, competitors and the environment.

Focus on quality

If you’re going to do it (and you are spending the money) you should do it right. We polish brands and sharpen marketing strategies to improve customer engagement, attribution and awareness.

Small but agile

Bigger isn’t always better! The bigger the agency, bigger their overheads. Which usually translates into bigger bills and less personalised service for you. Not us! We’re a small and agile, utilising experience staff.